This collection is a gateway to femininity, playful and Romantic. “Capturing that hidden moment when it is just you and the man you love. When you think no one else is watching, just the two of you in your private world! That playful gaze! That perfect almost peekaboo moment.” Fall in love (all over again) with the most romantic and utterly feminine collection, which has an air of aristocracy.

The 2015 collection showcases the signature Lyn Ashworth corsetry softened by elegant, dreamy profiles. Our corsetry and signature billowing skirts are still very much key to this collection yet the 2015 collection offers much more. With soft draping A-lines and figure hugging fishtail silhouettes sitting perfectly within the collection offering a dress for all brides.

Lovers Kiss Gown

lovers kiss

Moonlight dress

somewhere in time

natures promise part of daydreamer collection

summers night

tender heart long wedding dress

tender heart long

white moors bridal

white moors

Stargaze gown

windsor halls

spring rose daydreamer collection

tender heart short

bridal gown in the true romance collection

love ever after


april bloom

Harmony bridal gown

adore me

luxury wedding dress

canterbury rose

english rose bridal dress

english rose

Love's Dream

hidden gem

Clarissa Bridal Dress

honey dew long

Clarissa Bridal Dress

honey dew short

Clarissa Bridal Dress

ivory vine

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