mabel collection


MABEL Collection

This collection explores the freedom of individuality, creating an opportunity to provide a more playful and youthful collection whilst still embodying the signature Lyn Ashworth style. Adding interchangeable elements creates a bespoke look for each bride, balancing modern style and timeless romance for the fashion-forward design-led bride.

Perfect for the engagement, reception, elopement or micro wedding, our new hemlines offer the complete look for a go-to wedding style.

With undeniable Lyn Ashworth style at our core and quality engrained in our designs, honouring decades of craftsmanship, our collections are proudly crafted in our Atelier in Staffordshire, England, on the Duchy of Lancaster Estate. With our made-to-order design-led style, every part of our production is as important as the next, and we pride ourselves on being British-made.

We’d love you to come and visit us at our Studio in Staffordshire